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Grooming tailored to YOUR DOG'S NEEDS

Garden Room Dog Grooming recognises that every dog is different, and requires a bespoke approach to their groom, to ensure that their skin and coat are kept in top condition.


Following an initial chat with you to understand your requirements, your dog will receive a general health check and inspection of their coat and skin, to look for any issues and to understand their skin-type. Your pooch will then be treated to two warm-water baths with WILDWASH specialist shampoos to help re-balance their skin, remove any dead hair and ensure that their coat is silky smooth and tangle-free. He or she will then be hand-dried using a turbo dryer to remove further dead hair, especially from the undercoat.  Ears and eyes are gently cleaned, and if your dog requires clipping, only top of the range clippers are used, with careful scissoring to ensure a smooth and even finish.


The price of dog grooming varies according to the size, coat type and condition of the dog, but here is a guide:


'Puppy's First Bath & brush (up to 12 months old): FREE                         

During this session I will slowly introduce your pup to all the new sounds & sensations at the groomers. Please ask for more information.


Small dog         Bath & brush: From £25     Full groom: From £30

Medium dog     Bath & brush: From £32     Full groom: From £38

Large dog         Bath & brush: From £40     Full groom: From £46


Please call to discuss your dogs needs and arrange a time to visit.

Marlborough Dog Groomer Grooming

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